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Tinajo belonged during many years to lands of Inaguaden and acquired its independence as a municipality in 1802.

A little history

It is a municipality of great agricultural importance, as it served as pasture for the herds and supports various types of cultivation.

Places like La Santa and La Vegueta, with their enormous houses that belonged to the nobility and represent the island's prosperous times, belong to this municipality.

The most important festival is La Romeria de Los Dolores, which is celebrated on 15th September in commemoration of the Virgen de Los Dolores, the patron of the island.

What to see

The church of Los Dolores was constructed in 1780 due to a promise made by the villagers of Tinajo to the virgin of Los Dolores or, as she is popularly known, the virgin of the volcanoes, due to the fact that the lava floes that threatened to cover Tinajo stopped when she was brought out. For this reason, the festival is celebrated as a sign of the virgin's vocation in saving the village from the lava of the volcano.

The church of San Roque, situated in the village square, was constructed in 1795. The most interesting altarpieces are conserved in its interior.

La Santa is a typical seaside village with beaches that are ideal for surfing. The club, La Santa Sport, a tourist complex with excellent sporting facilities used by top international athletes, belongs to La Santa.

Lanzarote - Tinajo. Predominantly agricultural municipality.
Predominantly agricultural municipality.

Lanzarote - Tinajo. La Santa Sport.
La Santa Sport.


Lanzarote - Tinajo. La Plaza de San Roque. La Plaza de San Roque.

Lanzarote - Tinajo. Entrance to village of Tinajo. Entrance to village of Tinajo.

Lanzarote - Tinajo. Church of San Roque. Church of San Roque.

Lanzarote - Tinajo. Town hall in the square. Town hall in the square.

Lanzarote - Tinajo. The village is at an height of 195 metres. The village is at an height of 195 metres.