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In the municipality of Tias, one finds the main tourist area on the island, Puerto del Carmen, a town that - thanks to the tourism that it attracts - generates the main source of income for the island.

A little history

The name of this town is due to the spinster aunts of the Governor of Gran Canaria, Don Alonso Fajardo, who were called Doņa Francisca and Doņa Hernan Fajardo. To begin with it was known as Tias de Fajardo, but later it lost the surname and became known as Tias.

The town of Puerto del Carmen, known popularly as La Tiņosa, belongs to this municipality. Due to its coastal location, in the past its main industry was fishing, which has now been superseded by tourism.

In the C18, the people of Puerto del Carmen were exporters of la barrilla, which is burned in order to produce products used in the manufacture of soap.

The most important festivals are: La Candelaria, which is celebrated on 2nd February, and La Fiesta del Carmen, which takes place on the first Sunday in August. La Fiesta del Carmen is a typical marine festival in which the Virgen del Carmen, patron of sailors, is brought out in boat.

What to see

The church of Nuestra Seņora de la Candelaria was built in 1796, and together with the church of San Antonio, built in 1959, they well describe the island's architecture. Also one can visit the old houses of the municipality, Casa Pascacia and Casa Parroquial, and the old cemetery.

Las Vegas de Tegoyo in Conil is where ancient colonial style mansions like Pereyra are located.

Lanzarote - Tias. Harbour wall.
Harbour wall.

Lanzarote - Tias. Beaches.


Lanzarote - Tias. Views of La Candelaria, Tias. Views of La Candelaria, Tias.

Lanzarote - Tias. The church of Nuestra Seņora de la Candelaria. The church of Nuestra Seņora de la Candelaria.

Lanzarote - Tias. Example of modern building. Example of modern building.

Lanzarote - Tias. Town hall of Tias. Town hall of Tias.

Lanzarote - Tias. El Varadero. El Varadero.

Lanzarote - Tias. Views of the town. Views of the town.