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Monumento al Campesino

In the geographical centre of the island, the Monumento al Campesino emerges from the land, a sculpture formed by fifteen metres of water tanks - from old fishing boats - soldered together and painted white; a work carried out by Jesus Soto and Cesar Manrique.

El Monumento al Campesino, or El Monumento a La Fecundidad, is found in a landscape of unequalled beauty, La Geria, where one can see a unique form of cultivation by which the farmer tries to retain a little of the rainwater that falls.

La Casa Museo, an old restored country house, reproduces a rural architecture: central patio, aljibe, balconies, oven, wine press, ceramics workshop, hilados, crafts and carpentry - everything in an immaculate white.

Apart from visiting the workshops and seeing the domestic objects that reflect the life of the old islanders, one can enjoy typical dishes in the restaurant beside the Casa Museo.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Embroidery objects.
Embroidery objects.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Traditional utensils.
Traditional utensils.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Craft workshop.
Craft workshop.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Reminders of the past.
Reminders of the past.


Opening times:

from 10:00 to 18:00h.


Bar-restaurant, souvenir shop, secure parking.


from 13:00 to 16:00h.


from 10:00 to 17:45h.



Entrance price:


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Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino Monumento al Campesino.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Casa Museo. Casa Museo.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Bar-restaurant. Bar-restaurant.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Stairway to the upper floor. Stairway to the upper floor.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Garden. Garden.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Photographs of our craftsmen. Photographs of our craftsmen.

Lanzarote - Monumento al Campesino. Scale models from typical Canarian buildings. Scale models from typical Canarian buildings.