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La Geria

La Geria is the name used for the agricultural zone whose principal characteristic is the way in which the vines are cultivated, a consequence of the farmer's fight to retain water of the night's dew.

The protected zone of La Geria comprises the centre of the island, in which are found the townships of Tinajo, Yaiza, Tias, San Bartolome and Teguise. Its declaration as protected area had as its objective the preservation of the traditional agricultural landscape.

The technique consists in cleaning the land, putting down fertile soil, covering it with volcanic ashes and building around it walls to protect the vines from the strong winds. The night's dew forms on the surface and is absorbed and retained by the porous volcanic rock. During the day, the surface is all that is exposed to the sun, the rays do not penetrate the soil.

Of special note are Las Calderas de Guardilama, Montaņa Chupadero, Montaņa Blanca and Guatisea, amongst others.


Lanzarote - La Geria. The protected area of La Geria. The protected area of La Geria.

Lanzarote - La Geria. Type of cultivation used. Type of cultivation used.

Lanzarote - La Geria. Areas of cultivation like Las Calderas. Areas of cultivation like Las Calderas.